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Carmelina Raco is the new sartorial brand established in one of the historic districts of Milan on the Naviglio Grande. Carmelina Raco’s atelier creates tailor-made clothes with a sartorial cut starting from men’s haute couture design and making process. The designer Carmelina Raco, in her creative flow, de-structures men’s outerwear, freeing it from precise patterns and elevating it to a universal and unisex garment. By inverting the formal models as well as opening and merging them to a possible balance, the garment comes to life by acquiring its identity, in an endless spacetime dimension. After more than twenty years of experience in men’s haute couture, animated by her aesthetic rigor and accuracy in the making process, Carmelina Raco starts working on her creations by establishing her sartorial atelier in 2019. A way of dressing and feeling the dress as an expression of a need for quality that cannot be repressed. The aim is to transcend time, empowering the garments to Eternity as a true work of art. The higher purpose is to contribute to the progress of the Universe in which the men’s suit itself evolves into a balance that embraces the whole.

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  • Breaking The Rules Suit - Carmelina Raco. Suit consisting of jacket and trousers in herringbone fabric. The jacket has double parallel pockets, metal buttons and pink horizontal buttonholes all of the same size. Made To Measure.

    Breaking The Rules Suit

  • Dress-Overcoat - Carmelina Raco. Suit consisting of jacket and trousers skirt where the separation between outerwear and skirt vanishes, looking like a single suit-overcoat in a red fabric with reflective fibers and a Scottish pattern.


  • The Ulster Overcoat - Carmelina Raco. Double-breasted overcoat with six buttons and post box pockets, cuffs, and big pleat with half-belt on the back.

    The Ulster Overcoat

  • Two Different Identities Suit - Carmelina Raco. Suit consisting of jacket and trousers skirt with fabric with Scottish pattern.

    Two Different Identities Suit