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Giorgia Panzironi after a Design training at RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts), followed by a master in Jewelry Design at the Politecnico di Milano, and an apprenticeship under the renowned jeweler Bernard Delettrez, decides to bring her passion to life. The desire to be able to do what she loves is the primary reason behind the launch of her own jewelry line, Giorgia Panzironi Jewels. Her project challenges modern times through the rediscovery of ancient craft techniques applied to contemporary forms, which the designer reinterprets through her creativity. The fruits of her labour include unique creations obtained by working on materials such as silver, bronze and gold through the antique procedure of lost wax casting.

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  • Sale! Giorgia Panzironi Areca bronze earrings

    Areca Earrings

    150.00 120.00
  • Sale! Giorgia Panzironi Areca silver earrings

    Areca Silver Earrings

    162.00 129.00
  • Sale! Giorgia Panzironi Clematis bronze ring

    Clematis Ring

    200.00 160.00
  • Sale! Giorgia Panzironi Clematis silver ring

    Clematis Silver Ring

    225.00 180.00
  • Sale! Giorgia Panzironi Erodium bronze ring with red quartz

    Erodium Ring

    175.00 140.00
  • Sale! Giorgia Panzironi Erodium silver ring with citrine

    Erodium Silver Ring

    187.00 149.00
  • Sale! Giorgia Panzironi Iberis bronze earrings with silver stud

    Iberis Earrings

    250.00 200.00
  • Sale! Giorgia Panzironi Iberis silver earrings with silver stud

    Iberis Silver Earrings

    280.00 224.00
  • Sale! Giorgia Panzironi Talea bronze earrings with red quartz

    Talea Earrings

    250.00 200.00
  • Sale! Giorgia Panzironi Zamia bronze ring

    Zamia Ring

    175.00 140.00
  • Sale! Giorgia Panzironi Zamia silver ring

    Zamia Silver Ring

    200.00 160.00