LĀU is a woman tops collection born in 2011 in Italy. Its soul is indeed relying on geometrical patterns passing through reasoned and minimal cuts, it is the result of a deep creative process, which turns pure ideas and meanings into garments ready to wear. A clean and always-evolving vision establishes an essential connection between the garments appearance and the wearer’s mood.

LĀU is a project built by Lisa Anderlini, an Italian designer with an eclectic background: a Master in Architecture Science, the love for the screen printing art and comics, her personal interest with the surreal and magic world of maths: different experiences related to the need for finding shape, material, and synthesis. Travels, dreams, and geometry symbols provide inspiration for LĀU, a metaphysical place where Lisa’s watchword,”strength, elegance and spirit”, are described through abstract, dreamlike and timeless realities.

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  • Sale! Lau Airo jumper black

    Airo Black

    145.00 75.00
  • Sale! Lau Airo jumper yellow

    Airo Yellow

    145.00 75.00
  • Sale! Lau Aly oversize jumpsuit black


    235.00 140.00
  • Sale! Lau Ellen shirt dress grey

    Ellen Grey

    145.00 116.00
  • Sale! Lau Hollie shirt black

    Hollie Black

    139.00 110.00
  • Sale! Lau Mega maxi jumper black

    Mega Black

    175.00 109.00
  • Sale! Lau Mega maxi jumper grey

    Mega Grey

    175.00 115.00
  • Sale! Lau Parka Trench green


    320.00 195.00
  • Sale! Lau W dress black


    155.00 80.00
  • Sale! Lau Yolandi dress black

    Yolandi Black

    165.00 85.00