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Spira Mirabilis Jewellery was born in 2013 from the individual and intimate research of Francesca Grevi, a Florentine artist and designer, who learned the artisanal profession from her father walking around with eyes wide open in his laboratory. Spira Mirabilis Jewellery is an handicraft brand 100% hand made in Florence, which realizes silver jewels with natural stones, minerals and shells. Spira Mirabilis Jewellery is a 100% brand hand made in Florence, where reality becomes art and stones speak of faith and science, as a result of passion for history, for innovation, for commitment to research and amusement with joy.  Any of their pieces are unconventional because it is offered by nature, it is an example of imperfect beauty, asymmetrical, fractal but true, unique and multi-faceted, able to create communion and relationship in the biodiversity of the elements, respecting the differences. To be able to see and not to look only, to focus on the finest details without losing sight on the whole composition. Buying one means choosing research and uniqueness.

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  • Viriditas Agate Brooch - Spira Mirabilis Jewels. Handmade brooch silver thread title 925 with natural Agate stone ball with hole. It’s a brooch with rounded tip. Unique piece.

    Viriditas Agate Brooch

  • Viriditas Agate Necklace - Spira Mirabilis Jewels. Necklace brass and steel threads, silver colored with natural Agate stone ball with hole. Unique piece.

    Viriditas Agate Necklace

  • Viriditas Blue Pentagon Ring - Spira Mirabilis Jewels. Blue pentagon plexiglas® ring, artisan production / laser engraving in window sticker logo spira mirabilis®. Jewels of research.

    Viriditas Blue Pentagon Ring

  • Viriditas Agate Ring - Spira Mirabilis Jewels. Handmade silver sculpture ring satin finish title 925, with the lost wax technique and natural Agate stone ball with hole. Handle with care. Unique piece.

    Viriditas Agate Ring