ÇAMARCHE | a genderless horizon

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Çamarche, the streetwear brand ready to invade spaces and break the monotony with the eclectic style of its garments and to overwhelm men and women in an unexpected, sudden, triumphant universe.

At times rebellious, sometimes docile, the Çamarche collections mirror eyes eager to grasp every truth, a curious gaze on the whys of life, an imagination that goes beyond the barriers and boundaries sanctioned by human beings. Whoever dresses in Çamarche is a citizen of the world who strips himself of restrictions and labels but lets his inner self guide him. The creative vision of the brand tries to cross the most hidden places of the mind, giving light-heartedness to young souls impatient to enjoy life.

Minimalism, versatility, comfort, movement, uniqueness and power. Power to get up and choose your own destination, power to keep on walking and not stop: this is Çamarche.

The Italian clothing and accessories brand is a dynamic summary of the personalities of its five young creators and designers: traditional innovators and traditionalists with innovation, Çamarche aesthetics makes its the art of being this and that without compromises. The wisdom of the past marries well with the vanguard of the sweatshirts and t-shirts graphics without any forcing but with the languid desire to emerge.

For those who are always on the go, the brand’s imagery can only represent the ideal pitstop. Finishes, details and sober compositions are carefully studied. Çamarche’s goal is to make local a global style … and how? Telling a journey, the rediscovery of their beloved land, narrating of Italy. The appeal of the competence and reliability typical of Made in Italy was too tempting to resist; so Çamarche applyed the Italian craftmanship and wisdom to give an international cut to its spirit while preserving territorial values.

Essential lines, abundant volumes, vibrant colors and the recurring detail of the logo that becomes the real protagonist, camouflaged in prints or left alone in all its glory: it works, or better … Ça marche!

A genderless contemporary urban: dichotomies and divisions are completely canceled. The comfortable shapes of Çamarche fall fearlessly on the body, shattering social norms and dictating a univocal semiotic that everyone interprets according to their own intimate empathy.

Çamarche travels, it travels with the imagination, with the design, it creates an unexplored world and from there trust us, the view is beautiful. Go on an adventure: discover the Çamarche models.

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