Cettina Bucca | a story, a collection, a dream

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A book has the ability to hold the most intimate emotions of people, it gives them the opportunity to touch the most abstract moods with bare hands and project themselves into dimensions completely unknown to rationality. Each dress and coat of the new Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collection by Cettina Bucca, with its soft and wide lines, is a tangible paraphrase of the exploration of oneself that induced by reading.

Reading is the art of letting go, letting yourself go to the fantasy. The designs, colors and prints proposed by the brand invoke the same creativity and sensitivity inherent in the most intriguing plot.

The enthusiasm, the daydreaming, the curiosity that follow one another page after page … As in a fascinating adventure, the pieces of the Fall/Winter 2019-20 collection by Cettina Bucca immerse us in a magical story entirely Made in Italy.

Each garment narrates of a precious and unrepeatable beauty that evokes the desire to finish a vintage-style story. Micro prints, geometries, medium and large patterns gracefully design 50s (and not only) silhouettes.

The play of colors and its contrasting nuances describe a novelized elegance, alternating the warm colors of camel, yellow, brown, red and rust with the cold shades of blue.

Whether the astonishment of the last chapter or the nostalgia evoked in reading a book yellowed by one’s own experience, the new collection is inspired by the shrewd desire to live the different lives that tell the most dissimilar stories, by the discovery, by the dream.

Imagination never dies, lives undaunted in the curious eyes of a child. Thus the designer Cettina Bucca has rediscovered the passion that dyed her childhood with dolls, string, braids made of raffia and a lot of fantasy carefully kept in a hidden drawer.

Tartan coats, tailored dresses, the lightness of tulle. And then again long and romantic printed chemisiers, bright textures, the regality of velvet. For a mix & match that is not afraid to explore, to dare, to give a new face and a new interpretation to femininity.

“Art becomes beauty to feel on. A slight game, extremely feminine, made of tactile sensations, of perception of the shapes of a dress that becomes part of the body. “

Wearing a story, revealing unexplored emotions made from our italian artisan knowledge, discover the new Fall Winter 2019-2020 collection by Cettina Bucca.

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