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The art of tailoring, typical of its land of origin and the Neapolitan tradition, and the continuous search for an exclusive but simple elegance lead the Chiara Perrot brand to stand out soon among the new names of Italian fashion.

Her woman loves beauty but lives in reality, in the dynamic everyday life of a world that wants us ready on many different occasions. This is why her creations are versatile, unique and never out of tone. Iconic garments are reinterpreted in the sign of a fresh and contemporary femininity, which chooses refined fabrics and experiences material effects.

Soft silhouettes caress the body without forcing it, playing with more or less large shapes. Mini dress, palazzo pants … Chiara Perrot’s woman is attentive to details and workmanship.

Born in 2012, this young brand is strengthened by a recognizable style, built by the stylist of the same name over time, thanks to training, experiences and an innate talent. After graduating in Architecture at the “Universit√† degli Studi di Napoli Federico II”, she studied in style and modeling with various courses.

The new spring summer 2020 collection is colored with pastel tones, pink, yellow, light blue, not forgetting the purity of white. A romantic but energetic, vital spirit crosses 100% made in Italy garments. From long light printed dresses to structured short dresses, to jackets and trousers with tailored cuts, Chiara Perrot explores the material making it the protagonist of her creations. Chromatic, graphic combinations and hand-painted fabrics light up a collection that prefers cotton, linen and nylon with creativity. Impossible not to notice and not to mention the flowers: a detail that blossoms, captures attention by becoming the protagonist.

Discover the creations of the Chiara Perrot and let yourself be inspired by her contemporary elegance

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