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All different, all hand-woven, every time. The knots of the Once capsule, designed and handcrafted by Chiara Quatrale, evoke a poetic and feminine beauty.

The knots, the hugs that warm without forcing us. The knots that bind us, unite us, with strength but with love. The knots that sometimes loosen but never, never leave us.

Chiara Quatrale with the Once capsule strengthens her identity by continuing to embellish her story. A personal artistic project, which after years of study and experience, is giving birth to fruits. Indeed exclusive jewels.

Dreams, colors, emotions, thoughts. As chests, the creations of the emerging Italian brand Chiara Quatrale go beyond the accessory. They keep and become a story. They manage to communicate and express profound messages through their shapes and harmony.

The young Roman designer personally creates her jewels, taking care of every aspect of the creative process. From the concept to the ring, the necklace, the finished earring. Each piece is made in gold-plated bronze, following the best of tradition and using the artisan technique of lost wax casting.

The Once capsule combines the sinuous purity of the drop with the symbol of the unrepeatable uniqueness of love. It is a hymn to love, to bonds, to projects. It is a hymn to others and to ourselves. Precious threads that intertwine, knot to never untie themselves and to establish a pact, a love, a dream.

“I fell attracted to you”

Once is for all women, unique and unrepeatable, all different. Just like the knots. It is to feel secure, enclosed and protected in their uniqueness, but with open spaces and roads still to be traveled. Following the drop, the shape of the water, which flows and smoothes. Quiet and essential.

A knot is forever, Once is forever. Discover the capsule and the creations of Chiara Quatrale.

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