Chiara Quatrale | the bronze shapes an ethereal femininity

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Rome, 1986, a dreamer was born. Chiara Quatrale, designer and founder of the eponymous jewels label, she has got the intrepid imagination of those who have a whole life ahead but do not lets a few seconds flow before grasping their passion in their hands. So the fingertips become rough to the touch, the days seem longer because spent locked up in the laboratory but nothing is in vain, with tender dedication those same fingers give shape to ethereal craft creations. The rings, faithful companions of women, flourish in classic lines and essential compositions recognizable by grace and sophistication. The bronze is scrutinized and then melted in lost wax, free of elaborated and pretentious tinsels but of a silent austerity, is molded into pieces unique from each other… the handmade processing of the material means that there will never be two identical ones, Chiara Quatrale chases the absolute, the lustful rarity of identity with high-end accessories.

Crystal clear, it has the same purity as the water that flows fearlessly on our beloved land, the aesthetics of the brand is an evocative source of beauty. And nature with its signs, its colours and its spontaneous, instinctive beauty is the inspiring muse of the brand’s works. The fascination of botany envelops the different productions with a je ne sais quois, but the references are not literal, each piece embodies the type of intimacy and modesty that plants and their beauty surroundings arouse. With superimpositions, decompositions, symbols and reinterpreted forms… the homage has succeeded with honors. With a lot of desire in her pocket, the young designer obtained a degree in Jewellery Design at the IED in Rome, enriching her academic curriculum with a specialization in 3D drawing and lost wax techniques at the Academy of Goldsmith Arts in Rome. Sagacity and a strong intellectual sensibility make her able to use all this knowledge in her plastic art realizing unseen works.

The roots seem almost to recall the Greek beauty with the sculptural body of the models, the suggestions of shadows, plays of light-dark due to the interweaving and the smooth corners, fertile of perfect imperfections. Like the historical Venus of Milos, her creations are originated by veiled and harmonious compositional formulas. They tell a hidden and modest desire that blossoms in the soft sinuosity of the silhouettes, a docile seduction made of harmony and a vintage allure. Several are the wearable works of art that the inspiration of Chiara is presenting, in this choral choreography, however, each piece has its own light. The design, so delicate and graceful in its essential lines makes the soul sigh. The volumes remain contained, the silhouettes thin and of a captivating fragility, (only apparent). More than products, the rings are a dreamlike hymn to the classic beauty of old times, the style does not make noise but strikes in its precious quiet. Enter the sweet universe of Chiara Quatrale, to crown the goddess within you.

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