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Sinuous lines write the story of a new and precious brand, Chio Jewelry Design. Small pret-à-porter sculptures with a refined and simply elegant style.

Leaves, lightning, rhombuses, pearls, drops and not only become the protagonists of minimal and sophisticated jewels, entirely handmade with the ancient technique of lost wax casting. Imperfection takes on the meaning of uniqueness, the diversity of exclusivity.

Chio Jewelry Design is the creative fruit of Francesca Battisti, art historian and restorer. Her great passion for jewelry, for modeling, for 3D graphics and for the lost-wax casting technique of metals led her to create her own brand, 100% handmade in Italy

Contemporary geometries with fine volumes, shapes inspired by nature and more traditional elements coexist in harmony in a collection capable of defusing and reworking the canonical concept of the jewel and making it deliberately imperfect. Each one different from the other, one identical only to itself, the Chio Jewelry Design encompasses in the purity of their aesthetics the value of high Italian craftsmanship and the stylistic and manual accuracy that reigns in every single piece.

A delicate variant of jewel that wants to get out of the jewelry box not only for the holidays or big occasions. Indeed, it reinvents itself with versatility and artistic lightness. Easy to combine and wear, it satisfies not only the tastes but the different needs of a dynamic woman who pays attention to details. Mono leaf-shaped earrings, large rings or in smaller sizes to be worn individually or mixed freely, pendants with pearl for those who don’t give up on the timeless charm of a great classic.

Creations that unfold, evoke and draw on the body the beauty of simplicity. Discover here the Chio Jewelry Design creations and make your style even more precious.

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