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Clemsa: the ingredients for a plot out of the ordinary. What comes from the interweaving of architecture, carefully chosen leathers and craftsmanship? The answer is illustrated by Sabrina Clementi.

The Roman designer creates Clemsa to satisfy a specific desire, to narrate a journey of research. She founded the accessories line in September 2012 and since then she has deservedly won a place in the spotlight in the fashion world. Each piece that bears her signature reveals her background, creating dense textures of originality and tradition.

Mini clutch and shopper bags in hand-woven calf leather by skilled craftsmen according to a peculiar patented technique without stitching. The inspiration? Let yourself be surprised …

The designer makes her academic journey the epiphany that leads to a tribute to a manufacture that rediscovers a new interpretation through her fingers.

Formed in interior design and architecture, Sabrina then continued her studies deepening the intriguing world of fabrics and discovering a passion that will not abandon her. From her thesis in Product Design in fact, Clemsa will be born. Originally “No Made Cloth”, a project whose goal was to create a wearable upholstery based on the ability of nomads to exploit fabrics with versatility, today a 100% made in Italy accessory brand.

Italy, North Africa, Mexico and Central Asia are the places studied by Sabrina to develop her project. Strict geometries and symbols are the constants that the designer finds in her study of cultures and their fabrics, with a singular appreciation of losonga, a geometric shape of the rhombus and an essential element that, according to her, unites the different communities.

A textile craftsmanship, a form of art in itself: the sketch is transformed into the complex and typical architecture that characterizes the Clemsa bags. Contemporary accessories, exclusive for design and workmanship.

Meticulous symmetries and precious shapes, quality of materials, sparkling colors and he, the undisputed protagonist of every creation, the intertwining, soul of the brand and detail that makes its creations unique and recognizable. The line offers different models of bags thought for every occasion: big ones for facing our day to its best, small ones to give a nice touch to any evening look. For a modern woman who loves to stand out starting from the … bag. Make your style unique: discover and choose your Clemsa accessories.

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