COLLANEvrosi⎜jewelry between artistic research and experimental matter

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COLLANEvrosi jewelry, new materials, new shapes. Artisan yes, innovative yes. The contemporary design of Lodovica Fusco continues to give us emotions, collections of pieces that are becoming more and more unique and sophisticated. 100% made in Italy, 100% handmade.

Necklaces, bracelets, rings: as artwork, COLLANEvrosi jewelery represents its own concept of beauty, made up of diversity and research. Far from the concept of traditional jewelry brands, COLLANEvrosi finds its style formula in unconventional raw materials, geometric shapes often irregular, colors and elements that recall nature but not only. Sponges, wood, leather, neoprene, plexiglass … everything is combined and assembled only according to creativity. Eclectic as its founder, COLLANEvrosi was born in 2012 from the intuition of the Triestina Lodovica Fusco that, after the studies in Discipline of Entertainment and Communication, an experience with a jewelery designer specializing in glass processing and various business stages in the fashion industry , creates a brand of its own.

Nature is definitely its best canvas, originality is its winning tone. In the last Northlands Collection, inspiration comes from traveling to Scandinavia, culture and landscapes in this country. The shades, the snow, the release of the body from all that is not necessary. So Lodovica reinterprets these lands and the feelings she has experienced living them.

Through silicone mold designs alternative jewels, in a game of empty and full made with branches, stones, birch plywoods. Hot water and color model and complete the various pieces, finished with brass details. And even this time COLLANEvrosi experiences, enchants, surprises. You can buy  COLLANEvrosi HERE. For info

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