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For Christian Dior “luxury is freedom”. Beyond the debate that could arise from this statement, it is interesting to understand the value of the word luxury in our society and consequently what it assumes in the fashion and contemporary jewelery industry, in particular the emerging one.

In general, young brands interpret the creation and possession of precious goods, making it not so much a question of price and appearance. Rather, it is an intrinsic value of the object itself. A result given by a sum of five factors such as: quality – of the materials -, technique, ethics, functionality and, of course, aesthetics.

When one thinks of composing a look, jewelry is often overlooked. “I am overdressed”, we say. Yet history has taught that they have been part of women’s outfits for millennia. And in recent years they have become essential in the collections of the most important fashion houses. Whether it is a simple golden thread or a piece with an opulent taste, contemporary jewelry is synonymous with luxury according to the penta- elements above. Without compromise, emerging designers carry out their personal projects under the guidance of these red threads, without ever losing the goal: to make art and create beauty.

Giorgia Panzironi founded her brand in Rome, after graduating in Design at the RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts), a master’s degree at the Polytechnic of Milan and an internship with the jeweler Bernard Delettrez. Her creations, entirely made in Italy, challenge modern times by retrieving the ancient craft techniques that the designer applies to contemporary forms reinterpreted through her creativity and imagination.

The jewel for Silvia Guarnieri is synonymous with ceramic. “We work porcelain in an entirely artisanal and manual process, pleasant and in many ways fun, with traditional processes that allow us to give life to contemporary jewels.” Explains the designer. Among the most iconic collections, Juniper Precious is synonymous with avant-garde luxury. Inspired by nature and in particular by the black juniper, from which it takes its name. Every single berry of the jewelry is made by hand.

In the land of Vesuvius Khàrm design is the Carmela Barbato project born in 2014. It is a jewelery brand which, more than contemporary, is already projected towards the future. And this because of the research aimed at style, materials (plexiglas, natural stones and PLA), the contamination of traditional techniques with new technologies, such as laser cutting and 3D printing and the lightness of the material. All-round luxury.

STKREO. Stefania Tortella, architect, founded the brand with the aim of uniting the world of jewelry, design and fashion under a single definition, namely that of “tailored architecture”. Through leather, the only material with which she makes her particular jewelry, creating entirely handmade creations, unique pieces, real contemporary ornaments, often adding textures and shades of color painted by herself.

Then perhaps, the real luxury today is to test yourself. Listening to one’s desires, the “vocation”. And from there, then, create magical, precious worlds, like that of contemporary jewelery.

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