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Design, study and manufacture with care. Dalu Creative Lab bags are made following only the times of the true craftsmanship manual. Long and therefore even more precious. Accessories destined to last over time, removed from fast rhythms and passing trends.

Dalu Creative Lab is a very young brand, like its creators. After studying fashion and costume and working as embroiderers for high fashion, Chiara D’Ascanio and Francesca Lucentini decide to combine their strengths and skills by developing their own project. Thus from the union of their surnames enclosed within a square that symbolizes their creative space, Dalu Creative Lab was born.

Bags, unique pieces that carry within themselves the thousand facets of every woman. Designed, structured, large or small in the right size: ideal for enjoying even the most dynamic day. From the first model, Penelope, with double function gold chain to carry it both as shoulder and handbag, with hand-embroidered flap with beads, the emerging brand and its creativity have never stopped.

Dalu Creative Labs are able to express in their forms and processes a concept of fresh and contemporary elegance, which finds its winning feature in the balance between innovation and tradition. The clean lines, the fine leathers, the fabrics with refined prints, meet the intuition of combining all this with the art of an ancient workmanship, embroidery, an integral and distinctive feature of the brand.

Design, choice of materials, embroidery, packaging: made in Italy from start to finish, Dalu Creative Lab bags are designed and manufactured in Rome, the city of Chiara and Francesca. The animal print of the Jungle bucket, the precious Swarovski embroidery of the Jungle Baguette, the velvet and the leather of the Sofia model, customizable with the embroidered band… What are you waiting for, discover the Dalu Creative Lab creations.

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