Dea Rail | exclusive jewels like the stories they tell

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Authentic and evocative jewels, the Dea Rail reflect the beauty of the unique piece and timeless value. A young and 100% handmade in Italy brand that searches in the mystical world and in past, mythical or real eras, the inspirations from which to start imagining and creating. The research, study and strong curiosity of the founder & designer of the brand Giorgia De Angelis lead the brand to travel in creativity and in the story of this. Dea Rail, from De Angelis and from Rail or track.

Each collection is in fact conceived as an imaginary journey enriched by the charm of exclusivity and craftsmanship. Dea Rail jewels are made using the ancient lost wax casting technique, where the wax is manually treated giving life to real sculptures.

Handcrafted and precious, the Dea Rail evoke a story to be discovered and worn. From the wax sculpture to the metal finish, each piece is treated in detail and made indispensable by hand. Silver, gold-plated bronze, precious and semi-precious stones: these are the materials from which the exclusive creations of the contemporary Roman brand are born, which adorns the body with unique, refined and feminine pieces. By bringing the wealth of traditional and handed down processes over the heart and workmanship, Dea Rail manages to find the right harmony between past and modernity.

The Baia collection, with its enchanting jewels, finds its inspiration for example in ancient Rome, in the Roman statues of the submerged city of Baia in the Gulf of Naples, defined by Seneca as the “village of vice” while by Ovid an “appropriate place to make love”. Or the Atlantis necklace, in burnished 925 silver with yellow sapphires and black diamonds, which is inspired by the Atlantis Island swallowed up by the sea. And… much much more: many other stories, many other jewels. All special. All Dea Rail.

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