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Her bags are a mix of art and colors. Exclusive pieces that are inspired by paintings and great works and retain in their forms a typically Italian beauty and tradition. Who are we talking about? By designer Ida de Rosis and her exclusive DeRosis handbag brand.

Architect, fashion and art lover Ida manages to combine talent, profession and inspirations in accessories that are characterized by a unique and highly recognizable style. Her bags are handmade with first choice leathers, with not only aesthetic but also qualitative care, a manifesto of Italian craftsmanship.

Mirò, Matisse, Jean Arp, Malevich… modern art becomes an integral part of a sophisticated creative process that gives shape to different models and versions, united in inspiration and lively personality.

Spacious, versatile, colorful, they can be carried by hand or over the shoulder, giving a touch of style and originality to even the most minimal or everyday looks. Those who choose DeRosis are looking for a special bag, which privileges the luxury of uniqueness over the ostentation of the brand. A combination of art and fashion, to live and why not to pass on.

“I love the red color. Ever since I was a child. It is my lucky color and I always wear it, visible or hidden, on the most important occasions. I love art, I would always like to take it with me, painters, artists and all the people who have had the courage to go ahead and support their ideas attract me without any fear of possible consequences and without fear of risking. I love those who laugh, those who make people laugh, self-irony, those who still play, those who dress in color and those who are not convinced that the world is made only of black and white. I love those who know how to go beyond the barrier and have the courage to free themselves from prejudices and conformism or from the fear of seeming excessive. I love summer, the heat, the blue of the sea that merges with the sky, the red sunsets and the moon, the evenings with friends, the frozen beers, the trips to the sea. I love those who have the courage to dare without having to show or act to look like who they are not. I love those who know how to get back into play, those who are not discouraged by anything and continue to run on flowery meadows that fade to different colors. I love flowers, the most colorful ones, those that contrast with the colors of the furniture, those that give off perfume and you notice them immediately as soon as you enter a room. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a fine bouquet or country flowers. It is enough for me that the colors are different from each other, and I love it even more. Here, this is me… and my bags represent everything I love and believe in! Ida De Rosis

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