Dima Leu | the freedom of sportswear, the elegance of tailoring

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It was in the air and the brand was able to catch it. The trend, that trend that mixes sportswear and tailoring with harmony and exclusivity. The iconic sportswear join the sartorial tradition in the young made in Italy brand Dima Leu.

Already a finalist of the important scouting project Who Is On Next?2020 and chosen by celebrities, the men’s and unisex clothing brand Dima Leu writes a stylistic code made entirely of color, quality, good workmanship, style and lots of comfort. Starting from the sports suit and the must-have of sportswear, the young brand reinterprets this world in an innovative and sophisticated way. An unprecedented and tailored approach that since 2015, collection after collection, has been able to establish itself with its own recognizable style.

It was launched by the Moldavian founder and designer Dima Leu who, after studying Economics, approached almost as a game for fashion and then instead became so passionate as to start his training course in design for fashion at the IUAV in Venice.

Sporty suits that are comfortable and easy to wear but at the same time refined and made with fabrics and a high quality manufacture: Dima Leu finds a correspondence between the classic men’s suit (jacket – pants) and the two pieces of the suit, then transforming this assonance into something unique and exclusive. Function, shape, design, class, but also lots of color and accessories with sporty characteristics such as elastics, zippers, drawstring. A sportswear revolution, a tailoring revolution.

From the beginning, Dima Leu has shown attention and sensitivity towards the environment. Its sustainable approach has manifested itself in the production of limited edition garments with Italian dead stock fabrics: through collaborations with various companies and suppliers, it finds unused or already present fabrics in the archives, then reworked by the brand with an upcycling process.

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