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Eco friendly, the future of fashion is always growing greener and more conscious. No, this time we’re not going to be talking about trend, but a topic that’s in our hearts, a style much more invading than a garment or even an entire wardrobe. A style that invades our lives with common sense and good intentions. An aesthetically attractive fashion that has an interesting ethic, because respect for health and the environment follows through to clothes too! Become conscious, dress consciously.

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second biggest contributor to pollution in the world? That to produce a pair of jeans requires around 8000 litres of water? When we buy a product we must always ask ourselves who produced it, how, and where: we must read the labels. Let’s free ourselves from the trap of trend and escape the use-and-throw vicious cycle. Let’s learn to stop ourselves and start to think. Because ecology isn’t just another fleeting trend, but something that profoundly regards us and our conscience.

Alongside great names such as Stella McCartney or Vivienne Westwood, who have since a long time been fighting for sustainability, hidden away each day are new realities that desire to insert themselves into the world of fashion in a healthy way. Upcycled clothes, recycled textiles, respect for the environment and for people. There are many emerging brands in Italy that have adopted a line, and a philosophical friend, that respect the planet. Sustainable, they are able to create with a green conscience but also distinguish themselves in beauty, innovation and aesthetics. They choose transparent, traceable production lines that are enemies of juvenile exploitation, with awareness of people’s working conditions, of animals and of nature. And regarding the brands, according to Lyst, leading search engine of the fashion world, consumers’ interest and demand for sustainable fashion is also growing globally. Don’t wait, you can make a start too!

Italy is also playing its part: from the great enthusiasm of our own Orange Fiber business that has patented and produces sustainable textiles from the byproducts of citrus plants, to Pinatex with its textiles derived from the fibres of pineapple leaves, and the young startup Paguro jeans that ‘saves water’ through its sustainable production process.

Revolutionise your style and colour it green: discover which brands (eco friendly of course!) we’ve selected for you!

Know what you’re wearing: live better, dress better!

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