Edoardo Gallorini | the erotic bourgeois boredom

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From the signature of a name, the name of a brand. A fascinating brand, Edoardo Gallorini. In a dance of patterns and colors, nostalgic shapes envelop the body of a sophisticated woman. A new era of style and beauty was born: the past is not there but memories remain, the future hangs on but it is often imagined and the present … mixes the times and the references in a single charming interpretation.

1990, Edoardo Gallorini was born in Mirano, a small town near Venice. Art, architecture, antiquarian, love for beauty and beautiful things surround him as a child. After attending BA in Fashion Design at the IUAV in Venice and lived an intense professional experience in a famous Italian fashion house, right in 2019, Edoardo decides to form and sign his own project: his homonym brand.

The enchantment of glamor, the desire still unexpressed that is suddenly burning, is the key concept from which Edoardo Gallorini starts and to which he continually returns. From an almost suspended harmony emerges the stylistic code of a label alive in icons, history but also a lot of contemporaneity. Drawings, cuts and constructions, details that induce gestures, reveal meanings, provoke attitudes: the most traditional elegance turns frowning to the erotic bourgeois boredom.

An all dressed up woman who “unbuttons” her graceful but determined personality. From long chemisier to silk scarves, from midi to mini dresses to pants, Edoardo Gallorini wraps the body with soft and balanced volumes, with a whispered and never ostentatious femininity.

Venice is the center of production and of inspiration of the brand, starting from the logo itself: crib to noble atmospheres, it arouses enchanting visions bewitching with a typically Italian and timeless style. In the adjacent areas to the lagoon, precious materials are selected and impeccable garments made with good taste and high quality. Discover with us the wonderful pure silk scarves Edoardo Gallorini: the brand that makes you dream…

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