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In the beauty of the Eternal City, a new all-Italian jewelry brand is born. Its name? Elisabetta Boitani, just like that of its founder & designer.

Creations designed and made entirely by hand with the renowned lost wax technique, an ancient and artisanal manufacturing process. The materials blend with contemporary geometries, which never forget their past. In a stylistic and temporal twist that fits the femininity of the present well.

In the creative ferment of her ideas and her laboratory in Rome, Elisabetta Boitani shapes exclusive pieces by finding the main ingredients of her secret and precious recipes in silver, bronze, stones and natural pearls. Her jewels. The love for art and jewelry led Elisabetta to quit her job and the corporate world to devote herself entirely to her studies and passion. To then take another step, launch her brand.

The whole process, from design, to production, to packaging, is handled by the jewelry designer. No particular or detail is excluded. In each collection designed by Elisabetta Boitani, the shape is the manifesto of a supply chain, made up of many and more steps, all important.

From the study of shapes and the synergy of materials, refined jewels are born with a timeless style, perfect for a woman looking for something precious but different, special. A set full of mixes, references to the past but which meets the contemporary feminine taste. More or less large jewels, sculpture bracelets, long earrings, rings that seal a new elegance. Irregular lines join the great classic of pearls in the Drops capsule, decorations and stones are the protagonists of the most sumptuous Rococo, the material adapts to the shape, inspires and gives its name to a homonymous line.

Discover the Elisabetta Boitani creations and choose your new jewels.

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