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EllemenTi, a curious name, a mix of letters, a word game to discover. Just like the brand it represents. Fashion designer Lisa Tigano, combining her initials with the word “mind”, launched her brand in 2017. EllemenTi.

A project that dresses yes, but that first of all thinks about women. Starting from them, their needs and their desires. Lisa’s creations are in fact born from a long research and a meticulous study of the female body, its forms and characteristics.

The garments are made in such a way as to make the eye fall exactly where we want, enhancing the person. Inside and outside. Making the woman feel good, in the right place in the right dress. Details win and make the difference.

In her “menteria”, a term coined by Lisa Tigano to indicate the place where her mind works to generate her creations, the designer creates collections based on three key points: tailoring, “made in Italy”, research in detail. Her outfits are characterized by minimal but at the same time sophisticated lines, precious in fabrics and quality. Elegance, simplicity, refinement, comfort… words often sewn into a single garment.

Not a victim of fashion, but rather a lover of good taste and exclusivity, the EllemenTi woman changes her point of view and chooses to dress the difference: the niche product, the quality, the originality.

And also in the spring/summer 2020 collection, the emerging brand has kept the premises confirming itself as a valid example of contemporary made in Italy. From the sweetness of a childhood memory and from a rediscovered grandfather’s white vest, Lisa begins to create. Past and Future play in the same game, in the same collection mixing tradition and innovation.

Natural fabrics, the grosgrain knotted in the iconic bow in all its sizes, the versatility of garments, from the top to the pants, ready to change according to the woman and her needs. The silhouettes of the clothes, more or less long, are soft and elegant. A delicate femininity that finds its colors in white and beige. Discover and dress the EllemenTi.

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