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Emerging, made in Italy and with an extra gear, indeed an extra style: for you ten new brands to keep an eye on and… wear immediately!

Alongside the historic maisons, small labels are born every day, many destined to become great. Latest generation talents who choose to express fashion, their fashion, through Italian art and savoir-faire. Spokesperson of a land rich in ideas, tradition and creativity, with a careful approach to the environment and sustainability, they give other garments, shapes and signatures to the made in Italy, making history new.

In the Showcase space, during the last edition of Altaroma, we have found and annotated really interesting brands for you. Are you ready to discover our brand list?

ARRABAL – Launched in Milan in 2018 by the Argentine designer Agos Zwiener, Arrabal interprets an enterprising and cosmopolitan femininity between exclusive garments and refined accessories. With its n2 collection he recounts the arrival of tango in Paris in the early 1920s: from the net of hand-embroidered dresses with applied micro roses to the combined trench coats in short and long versions up to the capsule of the small colored leather bags, the emerging brand stands out thanks to its unique style.

ZEROUNDICI EYEWEAR – Fashion … in high definition. Lines with an innovative and post-industrial design enclose handcrafted frames: the young but determined Turin eyewear brand of the Testore brothers conquers at first glance. Zeroundici eyewear stands out for its urban and avant-garde spirit, for its high technical quality of workmanship and for the research of materials.

DARIN HACHEM – An eco-friendly and all-Italian made that coexists with different and multicultural inspirations. The boundaries break down, the imaginaries merge into a product with a clean aesthetic taste but at the same time finely refined. A mix of fabrics, garments and volumes that cleverly fit into timeless clothes suitable for every season created by the minds of the two young founders and designers of the brand, one Lebanese, the other Mexican.

CAROLINA RAVARINI – A “hint of yellow” shines and makes every piece created by the young designer Carolina Ravarini shine. The sinuosity of the shapes joins the light of jewels that reflect beauty and positivity. Elephants, ivy, colors, stones… each element is chosen according to the meaning it has and has been handing down from time to time.

FERILLI EYEWEAR – From the prickly pear to the latest generation of glasses: with Ferilli Eyewear, the brand born in 2018 from the idea of Cristiano Ferilli, is a completely different… sight! Minimal lines draw accessories made of style, innovation and sustainability: four models that take inspiration from the Apulian landscapes in the shapes and colors , in particular Salento, the designer’s homeland. Winners of the “best eco-friendly glasses 2019” award, Ferilli Eyewear are made from fiber extracted through a patented and completely eco-friendly dehydration method while the rods are made out of olive wood.

MOULAGE – A brilliant…brand! Moulage changes the cards on the table and weaves a new story in knitwear, its own. Unique macro jacquards, illuminated by lurex, dress a woman with a strong and charismatic personality. Inspired by the tailoring technique on mannequin and enhancing the aesthetic value of the decorative arts, Moulage creates very high quality made in Italy garments that reinterpret a good retro taste with contemporaneity. Between romance and mystery, the silhouettes move fluidly boasting an all-Italian know-how.

MATTEOMARS – Iconic, timeless and ultra feminine, MATTEOMARS shoes leave their mark or rather unique and certainly recognizable footprints. The Swoosh, a graphic element from Niemeyer architecture, which is inspired by bodies and their constant movement, is a distinctive feature of the brand. Glam and metallic slingbacks, pleated pumps, seductive sandals… Centimeters of style, small architectures ranging from satin, tassels to velvets creating sinuous movements and enhancing the beauty of the woman with true elegance.

MTOF – Experience, research, experimentation, art and knowledge are intertwined in the sweaters of a brand that stands out with a single glance. A vibrant total look of prints and colours, unpublished details that declare a unique personality. The reversible garments are as impressive in terms of aesthetics as they are in terms of the highest quality: a contemporary knitwear that starts from tradition to make it a canvas of new visions and emotions.

SUSANA MADRID – Colorful, exotic and attentive to sustainability, Susana Madrid shoes have… something extra. A sophisticated luxury born from the combination of prints, refined shapes, handmade accessories and different yet harmonious elements. Susana Madrid, founder and designer of the homonymous brand, born in the United States and raised in Colombia, falls in love with Italy and its savoir-faire during her studies in Fashion Design and rigthg here she decides to launch her project. Platform, low heels as high ones: from morning to night, for every occasion, Susana Madrid’s creations are the accurate accessory to enhance even the most minimalist looks.

PESCEPAZZO – The bag that moves your style. The Pescepazzo collections were born from the intuition of the Taorminese Laura Mendolia: the typical Sicilian coffa, a straw bag made by hand by weaving the dwarf palm leaves of the island, is now reinterpreted in a glamorous and modern way. Marabou feathers, silk shantung, velvet, they all cover with art and creativity a great classic making it fresh and new. Perfect for the sea as for the big city, they embellish your looks thanks to color and a high quality exclusively made in Italy. Pescepazzo bags can be carried by hand, over the shoulder or as a fanny pack, they combine theirselves with versatility to the looks of an elegant, cosmopolitan, free and even self-deprecating woman.

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