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In this very complicated moment, carrying out a project, doing business has been and is even more difficult, almost impossible. But with perseverance and great professionalism many emerging designers have continued to believe in their work and to do. Production, distribution, communication, marketing: the costs and the activities to be covered and carried out every day are many, inversely proportional to the micro companies that often rely only on the designer’s workforce.

But whoever had something to tell, told it. From streetwear to eco-sustainability, from cosmopolitan design to sartorial elegance, we discover some emerging designers to know today and never forget. Obviously all and only made in Italy!


Prints, graphics, colors, art, design. All this and more is A-LAB MILANO. An avant-garde brand born from the vision and talent of Alessandro Biasi. In a creative and engaging ferment, between street mixes and Italian manufacturing, new creations are born every day. Exclusive pieces that anticipate the times, interpret them and dress them.


Precious. This is the adjective that immediately comes to mind when looking at the ARTE FACTA jewelry brand. Elegant, feminine, refined: in a timeless style, the designer Ilaria Quotta tells her vision of beauty. Which does not stop at design but goes much further, engaging in important social initiatives. A name therefore precious, in many, indeed all senses.


Among the emerging designers, Maria Sapio could not be missing. Her brand, Maria Sapio Knitcouture, intertwines handmade craftsmanship with elegance and class with exclusive creations. A truly special knitwear, unique in its kind and in its beauty. From the maxi coat to the long dress, fashion with Maria Sapio Knitcouture finds a new dimension, its own.


Very young and absolutely to keep an eye on. The brand of bags and accessories Sahara Roma mixes art and fashion with creativity and craftsmanship. Unique and unrepeatable pieces not to be missed! In its handmade heart a long time, typically Italian research and beauty.


Giorgia De Angelis is one of the emerging designers who impressed us the most. Her Dea Rail brand evokes past eras. Each capsule is inspired by imaginary journeys in fantastic and real scenarios. Artisan, contemporary and precious jewels all made by hand, as the best tradition teaches.


Literally a brand to keep an eye on! FABBRICATORINO looks ahead and creates eyewear that are attentive to style, quality and design. The research and experimentation of green materials joins the avant-garde of a name capable of distinguishing itself and not conforming to trends. Absolutely, to know!

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