EREMO BAG | the bag that holds your every gasp

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When the weight of silence echoes more than a thousand words, an incomparable beauty is rediscovered, an innocent beauty that must be whispered. Thus the delicate touch and the most intimate thoughts of Valentina Abbate are shaped in vigorous forms giving life to Eremo Bag.

The brand breaks meticulous geometries with irreverent volumes and the rounded design of its bags. A real introspective dialogue, a hunt and a rediscovery of self, the design of the label tells this and much more with each streak of the leather or the captivating color choices.

The pen of the designer brings in each sketch the most unusual backstage, the models in fact, they merge with skill and sharpness the love for cinematography and thevisual arts to a contemporary artistic aesthetic. Graduated from the Accademia dell’Immagine in 2004, Valentina Abbate builds a respectable ten-year career as a documentarian then, then the call … From childhood she finds herself fascinated by the charm of the bags.

This way in April 2019 the first act of an opera was written, destined to overwhelm and excite, Eremo Bag is born. The different models of the line are characterized by a constant, the vertical handle. An essential element that holds the iconicity and the soul of the brand and makes it unique among many. Linear edges are therefore broken with harmony: sculpture, grace and functionality are the perfect scenario to dress the Eremo woman.

Vegetable tanned leathers as well as coconut printed cowhide and ecological cotton lining are cleverly used to mold minimal bags by a refined silhouette and a youthful spirit. The label, with its two laboratories, in the province of Frosinone and Rome, and its skilled craftsmen carries on the made in Italy tradition. The oval and round shapes, the lightness of the not too bulky structure, the shoulder strap and the removable belt make them ideal to face the day with comfort and style and at the same time the perfect accessory to give elegance to evening looks.

The colors tell the most confidential moods, black, red, beige, yellow and teal, as in the most majestic painting of all time, the different colors combine with the golden details creating exclusive creations.

The subversive design of Eremo Bag interrupts the canons of the classic bag, breaking the laws dictated by the past with attitude.

Every Eremo bag is inspired and bears the name of a hermitage. The form evokes the sense of protection simulating the shell of a snail, the movement given by the handle opens a real scenography.

To break with the past, to close your eyes and get lost and then find yourself again, without filters, like the wind that does not show itself but is perceived. The spirit of the Eremo bags urges the contemplation, to the sighs of relief, it stains loneliness yellow, it is the comfort word to those who deprive themselves of themselves, it is a rare abyss where feelings cannot be hidden.

Find your self again, choose your eremo, choose your Eremo Bag.

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