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Eunique ? Applied Arts, fashion, design: in Germany, with its ninth edition, from 19 to 21 May, Karlsruhe International Fair returns. Selected through a selection that aims to maintain high quality, the 350 exhibitors, including art galleries, ateliers, arts academies, and emerging designers, will show and sell truly unique pieces.

Like every year, Eunique chooses a European partner, a special guest to be valued and promoted through a visual story made of unique, typical creations. And after Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Portugal and Slovenia, now for Eunique 2017 is the turn of Italy and the inestimable heritage of Made in Italy.

Synonym of good taste, creativity and craftsmanship, renowned for its fashion and design excellence, our Beautiful Country, will be presented with a rose of interesting names from the Italian innovative landscape. From the sensational preciousness of Laura Forte to the fabrics of Chiara Pizzinato, from the goldsmith’s art of Patrizia Bonati to the resins of Stefania Lucchetta, from the experimentation of the contemporary jewels Angelo Verga to those sculptures by Simona Materi. And yet, much more. All this only and only at Eunique 2017 !!!

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