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It was 2017 when Alessandro Monticone took over the historic FABBRICATORINO brand born in the 1920s in Turin. Driven by the desire to carry on a story, to keep it but at the same time renew it. Craftsmanship and made in Italy come to life in a new project made of sustainability, design, digital.

FABBRICATORINO eyewear are the right accessory for those looking for something exclusive, for those who want to keep an eye on them. From the research of materials to the study of shapes, they enhance the personality of those who choose and wear them. The savoir-faire of other times rewrites the future, in a product destined to last over time both for beauty and for quality. Handmade milling, important small parts, the careful choice of colors are just some of the characteristics that bring the very Italian brand to emerge with its solid identity.

Eco-sustainability is a fundamental value for FABBRICATORINO who experiments with the use of green materials by creating environmentally friendly, organic glasses. Among its raw materials, bio-acetate, aesthetically the same as acetate but recyclable and biodegradable, and recycled acetate obtained from the regeneration of old glasses.

A brand that sees us long, looking to the future with avant-garde. Handmade with passion by master craftsmen, the FABBRICATORINO come out of the hustle and bustle of trends to find their own style, recognizable and timeless.

The new FABBRICATORINO project, FT-LAB, was born from Alessandro Monticone’s vision: a creative laboratory where artisan know-how meets a new generation of fashion designers, artists, stylists to co-brand limited-series products. A first capsule was born in collaboration with Giuseppe Buccinnà with six pairs of Italian acetate glasses, finished entirely by hand. Geometric frames that bring together the two identities, enhancing the glasses as something truly exclusive, one of a kind.

Personalize your style and enhance your look: discover the FABBRICATORINO creations!

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