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Federica Bombaci: limited capsule collection to emerge, stand out in style. Refined clothes never equal to themselves, where exclusivity is stitched on cloths and precious fabrics. New eyes, new look. Looking ahead polychrome world of fashion, drowning the concept of mass production, to illuminate, enlighten us a last mantra: differentiation.

Federica Bombaci studied at Polimoda specializing as Textile & Fashion Design. Collector of relevant work experience with major international names in fashion, creating a brand of the same name in its own image and likeness staking everything on an articulated sketch sportswear, streetwear, refined tailoring and couture details. Confusing initials, separate brushstrokes, then become unexpectedly a perfect fresco of fashion that speaks of contemporary art.

In her compositions ribbons, lace, fringes, designed clothes and geometrically cut, printed or simply with functional or ornamental elements. Explicit specification of a mental, thorough research, textile interpretation of travel, sensations and atmospheres. To say, write, speak, communicate simply by dressing.

In Spring – Summer 2016 collection is chased a dynamic beauty in motion. Animal of cities, metropolitan style. A black pocket stands out of a practical, large lime green dress, tempered by short white sleeves and characterized by two straight lines interrupted in both sides of the dress. Feminine, daily multifunctionality. Strong lounguette in electric blue, engraved of triangular, empty details. Tangible, curated craftsmanship.

Black dress, carefully designed, pleated rectangle supported by two thin straps in orange color, contrast of geometrical inspirations. Sought in its conceptual diversity: half a free, slipped panel and in the other hand a more defined structure, echoing an empire cut. Rust, black, white and green blend and harmonize with different dosages, in a maxi blouse, as versatile as intriguing femininity. Federica Bombaci is  freshness Made in Italy. Thoughtful realization of an empirical fashion, far from useless utopianism, architected for an independent woman. Tactile, sophisticated modernism. Cooked and eaten. Or rather, sewn and worn!  For info http://www.federicabombaci.com/

Giulia Fucile

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