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Fili Pari | when the marble becomes wearable

Fili Pari is the answer to those who ask how it is possible to transform marble into a fabric. That’s right! Innovation, experimentation and research have brought this young brand to incredible results, to new scenarios in the fashion world. Fili Pari is the anagram of Fripi and Ali, the two founders: Francesca Pievani, thirty years old from Bergamo and Alice Zantedeschi, twenty-nine from Verona. A name that makes immediate reference to the thread, to the textile world, to the overall vision that characterizes the brand.

Fili Pari is an italian fashion brand launched in 2014 which promotes and develops a continuous research on materials and fibers, through reinterpretation of the traditional concept of fashion. The aim of this project is to design garments with highly innovative materials, combining research, style, innovation and technical capabilities. he desire to express new scenarios and the renown quality of Italian manufacture blend and take shape through a womenswear collection of raincoats with an ironic, fresh and minimal style.

The perception of the marble itself shifts from cold, heavy and immobile to warm,
light and moving.

The collection is marked by a great attention to details, both in the design and in the manufacturing process: simple and clean lines, precious materials and artesanal production make every item special. The research of new materials and innovative solutions lead to the development of Veromarmo: a patented wearable microfilm made of marble powder.

The membrane is waterproof, windproof, breathable and flame retardant. The soft base color is given by the variety of marble itself, along with a soft and rubber-like feeling to the touch due to the calcium carbonate contained in the rock. The best marbles from the italian landscape are selected to create high-quality garments.

Innovative materials are blended with soft natural fabric to create unique and timeless garments. Each jacket is entirely Made in Italy and is an expression of passion for research and artisan know-how, combining a unique mix of advanced technology, expertise and human skill. The intimate connection with the territory is the core of this project, from the selection of the materials to the final step of the production. Fili Pari, a look at the past, a step towards the future. You can buy Fili Pari HERE

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