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Comfort or style? A dilemma that keeps torturing millions of women in the morning in front of the mirror. The Floran Bighty bag runs to the rescue with its versatile design and appealing colors.

The Sardinian designer Adelaide Carta, who had already made us fall in love with her homonym luxury bags brand, has in fact conceived the ideal bag to accompany the woman who sees herself between an office meeting and a cocktail with her friends

A sophisticated item that emulates vintage shapes exhorted by Italian manufacturing and refined materials, if not almost unthinkable, completely cruelty free and vegan, like the distinctive cork coating printed by means of peculiar innovative processes that give the bag a modern touch.

Keys, lipstick and setting powder have found a crucial ally that even Mary Poppins would envy.

The Floran Bighty is an extremely smart creation, equipped with a double adjustable shoulder strap with related buckles and a rigid handle elements that make it wearable and convertible into a multifaceted variety of combinations to satisfy different needs and lighten up the 24 hours of the girl who is always in a hurry and who does not want to sacrifice her good taste: by hand, by shoulder and even as a backpack; the journey by metro will no longer be a nightmare.

Sharp geometries and catchy colors match the minimal essence of the perfect accessory that gives personality to any look with its effervescent touch. Available in Folder or Zip version, the Floran Bighty bag responds with charm and practicality to the Ecofashion requests. Adelaide Carta has a very precise vision of fashion; she chooses to enter the industry with a stretched ear and ready to listen, consolidating a label that brings awareness to the hands of those who wear her bags. The brand chooses to broaden its vision of fashion, adopting a green approach from the earliest stages of design.

“Be fashionable with intelligence” is the appeal that urges the brand, which products proudly show off the Peta certification “Fur Free Retailer and Animal Free”.

The Floran Bighty bag bag could not better witness the harmony between avant-garde, comfort and an eco-friendly philosophy.  

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