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In the full midst of the very first edition of MILANO JEWELRY WEEK, where jewellery reigns sovereign for an entire week, an event absolutely not to be missed will take place: FOURori. When? The 25th, 26th and 27th October at 7pm. Where? In Via Melzo 30, on the suggestive corner of the “Gli Eroici Furori Arte Contemporanea” Art gallery.

A bijoux temporary room, a collective showcase animated by four designers and four different ways of interpreting and creating contemporary jewellery. Each one is only similar to itself, all the same in their artisan approach and in their special uniqueness of Italian hand manufacture.

FOURori will be an occasion, a moment of exhibition and of sale. Exclusive collections and refined pieces, heirs of four distinguished stylistic identities, will confront one another and cohabit inside a unique space. Lora Nikolova, Paola Ducoli, Silvia Guarnieri, Carlotta Scarabeo: these will be the new makers and their jewellery the protagonists, about which we’ll discover more first-hand.

Lora Nikolova with great influence, creates bijoux produced by hand and rendered unique starting from her inspiration that is drawn from the shapes and colours of abstract Art. Glass, resin, stones, crystals, metals and more: among the architectonics of unique jewellery is the lightness and vivacity of a new elegance.

Fluidity and up-cycling are the key words of the creations signed by Carlotta Scarabeo, madeed from nautical rope and industrial assemblage parts. Accessories or rather “wearable toys”, transformable in few steps and movements, according to the occasion and the wearer’s personality: voluminous but light, easy to fasten, foldable, they insert, carry and combine themselves truly anywhere.

Small mosaics, precious jewellery: Murano glass tiles, rigorously smashed by hand, compose the works of Paola Ducoli with Art and great savoir-faire. The colours, the light, the details…everything has been well-studied and made with care, with mastery and with love.

And then there is the contemporary beauty of Silvia Guarnieri with her sophisticated porcelain jewellery. A mix of research, experimentation of materials, design and functionality animate a refined made in Italy but one that is young and fresh at the same time.

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