Francesca Bellavita ⎜ Don’t call me doll!

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Francesca Bellavita, the shoes from one more gear. Exclusive, colorful, fun and always in step with trends. Francesca Bellavita’s creations make us walk really meters and meters above fashion.

Graduated in Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni, Francesca specializes in shoe design at the Arsutoria School in Milan. Her desire to emerge, to experiment, to get on and off the heels but always with good taste led her to realize her own project, a brand of her own: Francesca Bellavita. The research and the avant-garde of the shapes are combined with handmade, artisanal, cured and stitched works just like the master craftsmen teach. Made entirely in Italy, and more precisely in the district of Vigevano, historical and famous area for the production of shoes, Francesca Bellavita know how to make a woman feel special. Just like the shoes he wears.

Ironic, original but also sexy and feminine. The young designer creates, mixes, plays and designs always absolutely innovative pieces. Delicious Marshmallows that with that bonbon effect really remember the delicious soft candies with pastel tones. Both in the more elegant version with high sandals and the ones without heels, these shoes hide many weaves and hours of work: foam covered in nappa leather, glitter works, removable strap, heart buckle, printed sole payoff Don’tCall Me Doll , incredible details boast a treatment of 13 different artisans for a more than exclusive product.

And then the Moon line with décolleté reinterpreted in a contemporary key and which now stand out for the wave pattern and for a spectacular heel in plexiglas, transparent combined with the black suede and pink with yellow snakeskin. More romantic and with a taste of the ’20s the Babe, Maryjane pale pink with a low heel and ankle strap. Dream shoes? Also, with the Dreaming, femininity flies high … satin, laces and vertiginous balances. For an irresistible result. And again, again, again. Because to get the style you need the right shoes …. For info

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