FUSCRA PINEAPPLE BAG | bags wrapped in an ecological aroma

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Known for its friendly use of raw materials, the Fuscra brand captures the renowned knowledge of Italian craftsmanship to design a new and original capsule that witnesses and confirms the excellence of Italian manufacturing: Fuscra Pineapple Bag, a praise for quality and sustainability .

Ecological and appealing, the line of bags is made up of sculptural pieces that conceal a lively soul, which smells of nature. The rules are broken: Morena Scrascia, founder and designer of the brand, proposes new codes, new forms, unusual materials but above all claims with good taste and savoir faire the ancient art of origami. Wood, its scent and its veins, the undisputed protagonists of Fuscra’s unique design, leave room for new raw materials that sagaciously simulate leather.

Meticulous geometries build a functional accessory of the highest quality, strictly made in Italy. The inspiration? The home garden, the fruit drawers that color the market streets, the pineapple. The hard shell that hides so jealously a sweet fruit with sour notes, is emulated with skill by the contours of Fuscra’s new creations: a pattern made of many rhombuses in relief recall the hard rind; in the models, however, the surface is almost velvety to the touch, soft.

All the shapes shine thanks to the laminated effect of the texture. The weave of the Pineapple line is modeled on different sizes to offer the comfort and style of Fuscra on several occasions. Four are variants available between shopper bags and clutches with a colour range that favors copper, bronze, black and cherry.

Refinement, quality, sustainability and a contemporary minimal taste; see it for yourself, discover the new Pineapple models by Fuscra.

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