GARDONI ART | silk scarves as bare canvas to paint …

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A family dream … The basement reveals itself as a treasure chest of art and here is the enchantment: time passes but beauty does not, it remains still, framed by the Gardoni Art’s scarves. Tales of a past life, a story that waits for nothing but to be narrated, in all its wonder.

Gardoni: a surname, the name that dresses the lovers of tomorrow with humble seduction and sagacious mastery; Gardoni, a ball of emotions, those types that make you hold your breath, those kind that taste like tears of happiness.

Gardoni Art: fine Italian silk scarf crafted with vibrant prints and colors.

An intuition, an instinct, an idea. Full-time sisters and meticulous partners in the working sphere: Teresa, Arianna and Miriam guard the artistic productions of their grandfather Vincenzo Gardoni, decompose them, split them up and multiply them with an impeccable loyalty. Works that make the soul whisper, the ink flows urgently, setting on canvases perturbation and delights and they, the three minds behind this project, take the emotional charge of his sketches and make it live on precious pure Italian silk.

Without being announced, the aesthetics of the brand caresses the taste of mademoiselle and monsieur who make sophistication their favorite outfit. Cherished, rare accessories, icons that challenge short-lived trends but instead live in timeless elegance. Design, patterns and nuances speak in a new way of good taste.

It is said that beauty is a form of silent eloquence, in which case Gardoni Art does not need words, it does not need no long proloquio, wrapping with the softness and sumptuousness of its fabrics that with astonishment explode in bright colors and impressive graphics. They blow gently in a contemporary spirit but embody past and tradition, distant generations are embrace with privileged language codes that favor a dialogue made of reminiscence, made of vivid memories, full of an opulent cultural legacy.

The foulard and imprinted windies with their glorious prints and their royalty create generous choreographies in colors and movements.

A literated reinterpretation of the meaning of elegance achieved by hand-made works of  expert Italian artisans. Vincenzo Gardoni’s creations are eternally on display thanks to the brand’s creations.

Thus, the noble handkerchief that marked the 30’s finds its place in modernity … don’t keep on waiting and let yourself be enchanted by the fervid sinuosity of the nobles Gardoni Art’s foulard.

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