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Category man, category woman. Male department, female department. Collections for him, collections for her. Alt: fashion includes and frees everyone, even genres. In the name of a shared wardrobe, clothes stop making and dressing the differences, rejecting the variations with a new style. The genderless style. Fluid, liquid, contemporary.

Fashion experiments and responds dynamically to the many social debates, focused on the identity of gender. Applying new codes of behavior to new theories. The ethereal models and the borderline clothing by Alessandro Michele for Gucci, the first trangender top models, entire collections designed to inhabit a single large wardrobe. Stereotypes break, genres unite. Tailored suits, bomber jackets, warm tricot, sneakers, t-shirts but also bows and skirts… Genderless steals from both sides, appropriating and mixing cards and garments.

It was 1984 when with avant-garde Jean-Paul Gaultier had his unforgettable “Men in Skirt collection” paraded, with models that wore skirts of all lengths and sizes. Whether those talking and creating are big brands or new brands, one thing is sure: genderless fashion is a matter for everyone. It is for everyone.

And today’s fashion confirms it. From the maxi high-necked sweater by Spendthrift, ideal for him as for her, to the genderless leather backpack by Spazio If, to the gritty Hide & Jack sneakers that combine and match male and female looks, to the urban backpacks by Atpcal, clothing and accessories make no distinction. Gender distinction.

Who steals what? Difficult to say. Nicola Indelicato winks at the female world, pink and skirt combine in Edith Marcel men’s outfits, which have always been distinguished by their genderless character, while Marco Rambaldi offers a soft and impeccable suit.

Federico Cina dresses a man and woman with the same tailored suit: square shoulders, belt that tightens and raises the waist, palazzo pants and a waterfall of checks. Same Rewop glasses, same style … genderless!

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