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From a combination of surnames, a brand all to be worn. That’s how Gentile Catone was established in 2017, a fresh and elegant label that didn’t hesitate to get recognised for its style and exclusivity. A young made in Italy brand with feminine spirit, and is this case never “gentle”.

Its two founders, Chiara Catone and Francesco Gentile, associates and life partners, recently rendered their project a reality. From shirts to skirts to an always more complete pret-à-porter that interprets a feminity that’s sophisticated, chic, educated and so elegantly bon-ton.

Gentile Catone’s great emphasis on stylist and material research characterises tailored pieces of high quality, made from fine, sustainable textiles. And their latest collection of the Fall/Winter 2019-20 doesn’t disappoint either, in fact it confirms and exceeds expectations. Its name Aconito comes from the Greek Akòniton, or the purplish-toned poisonous flower that prospers in the garden of Proserpina, and synthesises the capsule on a chromatic and semantic level.

Moving through an imaginary of magic and noir, exploring the anxieties of contemporary society in the constant research of that “marvellous” that contrasts with the sterility that surrounds us, Gentile Catone’s woman dresses in modern creations that are nostalgic at the same time, lived in by a really refined vintage touch. Dresses with collars, ruffles, shirts with romantic bows, tailored coats, mini skirts or loungettes that move between overlays and bon-ton vestibility: all written with grace and courtesy on textures, printed or plain, among which silk satin, twill or viscose jersey.

The inspiration that moves the Fall/Winter 2019-20 collection is the woman herself, or rather three women, three projections of the female figure of today’s society that synonymise determination: the mother, the arcane and mysterious depositary of an ancestral knowledge and the independent woman.

An aesthetic and ethical refinity that finds its epilogue in a timeless beauty that turns heads. For info & contact

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