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GIOA FASHION DESIGNER bags are born from the handcrafted creation of accessories with a fresh and innovative design. All rigorously made in Sicily, GIOA FASHION DESIGNER has its roots in the creative ferment of a land rich in art and culture. The Sicilian tradition, the colors, the manual skills and the know-how are preserved in the creations of a very young brand, born only in 2018 but which has already made the rounds in prestigious magazines in the sector.

The new brand explores different shapes and models, interpreting them with an original taste and style. Its founder and designer, Gioa Picciurro, was born in 1994 in Palermo. After graduating in Fashion Design at the Academy of Fine Arts, she decides to transform her project into a real brand. Here is GIOA FASHION DESIGNER born.

A new name in the world of fashion, specifically in accessories, which combines the search for innovation with the quality of precious raw materials, worked in the sign of a still lively craftsmanship. The attention to detail and the desire to stand out lead the designer to explore iconic shapes, making them new with her style. GIOA FASHION DESIGNER bags combine comfort and femininity: from the classic clutch to the comfortable handbag, the brand signs its creations with details and bright colors.

The Lucky Charm Collection takes inspiration from insects that bring good luck by coloring the looks with irony and lightness even on the grayest days. Witty, versatile, they are handcrafted, like the large scarabag backpack in soft metallic leather or the elegant Libellula bag to be carried in the hand or on the shoulder. The Liberty windows of the historic villas of Palermo are instead the concept of the Baglass bags. Made of genuine leather by Sicilian artisans, with great professionalism and attention to detail, they are characterized by designs printed with the silk-screen technique, such as the pouch or the Smerlata bag.

Discover the new brand of bags made in Sicily and choose your GIOA FASHION DESIGNER.

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