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Giorgia Panzironi Jewels: her jewellery has won. Like its story…precious! Class of 1991, from Rome, a dream pulled out of the drawer and transformed into reality. That’s how the young and enterprising Giorgia Panzironi, after graduating in Interior Design at the RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts, discovered and cultivated her passion for jewellery, specialising through courses, a Master’s at the Politectico di Milano and a very important internship with the famous jeweller Bernard Delettrez.

And then her brand. Her big step, her best and most important creation, Giorgia Panzironi Jewels. Challenging the times and modern rhythms, Giorgia forms jewellery with artisan hearts: elegant and sinuous lines that conceal long hours of research and workings behind them, that encase antique goldsmith’s techniques like lost wax fusion. Exclusive pieces, handmade jewellery of refined beauty and timeless style.

Giorgia Panzironi jewellery meets the taste of the contemporary woman, attentive to details, lover of sophisticated design and always on the lookout for a unique accessory. In name and in fact. A combination of metals and semi-precious stones, where high quality is sovereign.

Feminine expression and witness, they mix with the most unconventional looks, rendering them…precious. In addition to the value of the materials Giorgia adds inspiration and savoir-faire to her creations. A mix of ingredients typical to her, that made her a winner, recognisable and strong in their own identity!

In the Live Leaves line, among irregular shapes and creative suggestions, the Giorgia Panzironi jewellery pieces recount Nature: original jewellery, diverse styles form their very conception, realised in silver, bronze and stone Large rings, pendant earrings, that with personality unite and utilise the latest innovative techniques with those traditional antique goldsmith ones. Jewellery that strikes…at first glance! Discover here the whole collection signed Giorgia Panzironi Jewels and render your look unique!

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