Gisella Mandalà | the Sicilian coffa, a new must

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Made in Italy is not “only” in the ability to certify with its brand a creative and productive chain made of art, making and knowledge. Its Italian identity is Italian all the way, down to the last inch of the boot, where from micro municipalities to large cities, traditions sometimes intertwine, others resemble each other, others still contrast. The territory, the roots, the locality live in made in Italy; characterize it. And they distinguish it. Gisella Mandalà and her accessories are an example. A typical example.

Palermo and Sicily are an integral part of her creations. A return to the origins where the territory becomes the first source of inspiration for accessories that reinterpret tradition with modernity. A hobby that Gisella Mandalà has transformed with passion and savoir-faire into a job recognized, appreciated and requested by different parts of the world.

The famous Sicilian coffees become unique and exclusive pieces where history and art intertwine in the name of a typically Italian fashion. The basket once used to transport any kind of material in the fields is today a cult object to show off with the most diverse looks. The raw material? The curina, the tender and very resistant part of the Sicilian dwarf palm leaves.

Worked and decorated by hand with laces, figures and traditionally Sicilian representations, Gisella Mandalà’s bags take Sicily for a walk around the world. The puppets, the cart, the citrus fruits… The artist and businesswoman frees her imagination by choosing vibrant colors, reusing materials, mixing textures, inserting metallic, baroque elements. Creativity takes shape and no, it doesn’t stop.

Discover the bags and accessories made in Sicily designed by Gisella Mandalà.

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