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We talked about Giuseppe Buccinnà for some time, or rather post, ago (take a peek here …). His story, his fashion had impressed us. Intrigued.

Forms researched and studied up to the last centimeter of fabric also continue with the new winter collection to be the concept of the Giuseppe Buccinà brand, born from the namesake engineer and model maker in 2015.

Technique and art find their meeting point in garments that dress the body with harmony, becoming an extension of this. Mirroring it intimately.

Cuts, overlaps, asymmetries… everything has its own reason, it is the result of a balance. His background as an engineer and the love for the aesthetics of numbers are in fact alive in the creations signed by him, as in those of the autumn-winter 2020-21 where the female imagination is completely inlaid with technical elements starting from the choice of fabrics and their finishes.

Tailoring and the great classics of the wardrobe dress the woman with her own and recognizable identity: strong, seductive, elegant. Slits, zips, cuts… nothing is out of place, nothing is left to chance

But the talented fashion designer has done even more by presenting a new project: the “FT-LAB // Giuseppe Buccinnà” capsule, born from the union between the emerging brand and the historic eyewear manufacturer Fabbricatorino. A chemical bond, where the know-how of the past and the planning of the future mix in the name of a new and well-made made in Italy.

The study of engineering-inspired geometries builds the relationship between fabric and acetate. Six entirely handmade glasses: the nuance created by a black base with metal scratches and ruthenium studs perfectly marries the geometries that we find on the front and on the temples; designed in combination with the coated items of the collection.

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