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Yes, there are many but… never enough. From mini to XXL formats, never enough. From mini to XXL sizes, the handbags of the new brands are real gems you can’t let go. Buckets from the 70s, half-moon clutch bags, small handbags with stiff handles, shoulder straps in pop colours… one thing is sure, they stand out.

To be carried by hand, on the shoulder, or crossed over our looks; alone or mixed (just like Laetitia Bag does), the handbags you can’t let go have fun in colours, with a chromatic palette that ranges from neutral tones to the brightest ones, they play with the shapes and are embellished with inlays and applications. So miss bag-addicted are you ready? The trend models are…

White! Well yes, the whitest colour there is, seems to be one of the women’s favorite accessories. Elegant and impeccable, the total white bag is perfect if combined with the lightness of midi and feminine dresses but also as a contrasting element combined with more masculine looks. Any suggestions? The soft Salce 197 mini bag, with logo and gold chain, the small and geometric Stée, the iconic Bismantova by Eremo which fades with the combination of two different leathers in shades of beige and makes its handle a functional and design element.

(maxi) Clutch bag. For those who believe that they go well only after sunset, they are very wrong: with jeans, the bomber up to the more street looks, the clutches and clutch bags become large and to be worn H24. Soft as a cloud, stiff, colorful or minimal are among the most popular must haves items of the moment. Which one do we recommend? Sarta, white or black, the choice is yours.

Bags all…round. Smooth the corners, sweeten the look. Among the season’s it bags we can’t fail to mention them, the round bags. From the perfect circle to the half moons, they are carried on the shoulder or under arm. A classic that returns, a winning ace up your sleeve on many occasions. Our chosen ones? The delightful mini bag signed Villa Trentuno, the essential beauty of Melip.

When the superfluous becomes necessary, the time of the X bags, or rather XXL, is triggered. More or less big, tote and shopper bags (let’s face it!) have always been our allies. Soft and capacious like the royal camel-coloured one from Stée or rigid and versatile like the exclusive Eremo in beige leather they accompany us from morning to evening never sinning in style.

Chains, charms, handles … details make the difference. Metal, bar, bamboo, just to name a few … the handles are rigid and often precious (take a peek at Stefano Turco‘s creations), more and more protagonists of handbags that are inspired by past times while writing new trends. But the shoulder straps are no different: the most popular? The shoulder with metal chain like those used by Wink at or by the pop and colored bags of Brù Milano.

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