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Heka Couture: high fashion creations, cuts made in a workmanlike manner. To sew on the dress that we want, to dress only what we choose to be. The eccentricity of a puffed sleeve, the romance of a retro skirt, the theatricality of unique turbans of their kind. Strong characters, hidden or exalted actors in cloth masks. Fashion plays the role of art, painted by performing tones.

As an act, Heka Couture tells scenically the craftsmanship and the creativity that distinguish its exclusive pieces, children of a versatile mind, artist. Ilaria Parente pulling the strings, and braid them to create a capsule ready to get up and down from the stage to move from the theater to the catwalks of everyday life without losing the style view.

A collection that makes use of the winning chance to evolve, meet personal requirements, designing the need of the end user new ideas. A measure of desire. The matter becomes the source, the first work to be machined, shaping with research and experimentation. Structured and contemporary volumes come together in harmony to past forms, vintage concocting an innovative and eye-catching visual code.

From the maxi coats to wide trousers, from modern suits with funny huge bows: the woman thought by Ilaria Parente is smart, determined in its self-irony, playful with her and with other many faces of herself. Others a thousand dresses herself … Heka Couture. For info ilariaparente.com

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