HIDE & JACK | the shoe with a double personality

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Soul and matter, black and white, right and wrong; the human being is shaped by a duality intrinsic of his simple existence … His bearing, his words and the way he presents himself define him. After all, fashion is exactly that, every color choice, every fabric and combination must be able to visually express who we are and project who we would like to be. It is specifically on this suggestion that HIDE & JACK came to life, the made in Italy footwear brand with a double charm.

The different collections of the brand are playful and contemporary interpretations of the novel “The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by R.L. Stevenson. The naming of the brand is inspired by it but most of all, from this literary success comes the recurring theme, the storytelling that masks itself behind the clean shapes of the models. Sneakers and Made in Italy are an unusual but triumphant combination if signed HIDE & JACK.

The label was founded in 2014 by the two brothers Alberto and Nicola Franceschi, and since then it has been unstoppable. An ode to dualism and the freedom to choose every day to walk in your own shoes … Sometimes you are neither one nor the other, sometimes you just want to be greedy and love yourself in your own contrasts.

The designs of the shoes are creations that provided with color and structure, allude to transgression, human ambiguity and break the balance of the classic comfortable shoe. Sole and upper, shape and color, the brand’s style is animated by a perpetual dichotomy that unconventionally narrates the inner conflicts that leave forever men and women suspended in mid-air.

The sneakers conceived by Alberto Franceschi’s flair have minimalist lines and structures combined with captivating combinations of incandescent colors, an evocative show, a blaze of colors and impulses. Bright blue and red, neon yellow and black, and again, purple and red, the collections range in an uncommon palette of colors and concoctions. The voracious spirit of the colors fits with arrogance in the soft volumes and in the essential details of the models, rigorously treated by the Italian artisan hands, expressing in parallel a brazen strong soul and a sober delicacy. Leather, suede and nubuck are molded with wit to produce inimitable works.

Longlasting quality sneakers, practical but suitable to give sparkle to a more classic suit. The vision of Alberto and Nicola materializes in the specialized laboratories of the footwear district of Rivera del Brenta, an Italian land that upholds the name of the nation high, preserving from the noble art of footwear since ‘600.

“Because each style of dressing can hide a double personality”.

Opposite but alike, the two brothers are the authors of a new narrative of fashion, a story with an open ending rich in plots that leaves its readers with a sense of suspension and an invaluable emotional fulfillment at the same time. Hide & Jack makes diversity the key to understanding its extravagant yet peaceful aesthetic. Discover the new collection.

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