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If bags. If we think the easiest thing in the world we often have nothing, the void, the darkness in the head. Because simplicity has to be so right, perfect in its essential being, which sometimes becomes unreachable paradoxically, complicated. “It’s hard to be simple.” This is the motto, the philosophy of the creative trio of combative players of the same team: If bags.

Landscape: Milano. Year: 2010. Isabella Felice, industrial designer, Francesca Mesiano, set designer, Claudia Legnani, entrepreneur. That’s how these three brilliant minds find their most successful event in a brand by wholly Italian taste, applied in the manufacture of a bag out of the classical schemes. If Bags is designed and structured for different tastes and personalities, from the hipster style, the sporty style until the fashion addicted. By projecting a personal vision of the contemporary, they in fact devise a new form: hybrid face from backpack profile with the soft texture of a bag.

Faux leather, found and chosen after eight months of research and experimentation, forged in a waterproof and washable bag supported by rope handles, cotton and polyester, customizable and held together by their exclusive locking, a piece of wood cut laser, manually worked with four holes, passages of the two strings. Backpack, and even now additional accessories, it is hand-sewn in Italy and is carefully taken care of from the earliest stages.

This object, from so simple design, marries a imaginary world made of characters and colors, designed and animated by the illustrator Naki. Lightness and lightheartedness also breathe in the funny names of their creations. Salmone Rampante for a delicate pink backpack, stronger in the bright blue of the Marinaio di Notte. Lovely backpack bicolor  Cappuccino Spazza Camin, perfect union of an opposite pair.

Revolutionary use of cork for the Pocket, small pocket-sized container from the super innovative natural composition. Sparkling clutch Mister Gamberetto, bright color for an accessory of infinite probabilities. More structured Woven with contrasting cords, backpack with a process characterized by a pattern of interlacing, zig zag effect. Soft and versatile shopper Tote, similar to a more minimalist bag, but always directed to a practical simplicity. Wink at fancy colored images thermoadhesive by Naki, where the bearded sailor becomes spiritual statuary mermaid. Cyclone of ideas, formatter static motionless condition of being. Propulsion continues, unstoppable. Stimulating creativity. For info http://www.ifbags.it/

Giulia Fucile


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