IMAGO CASHMERE | the modern upcycling by a timeless beauty

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It is said that all things have their own time but often you are just not able to appreciate them at the right moment, and then a you try to call upon a second possibility… Imago Cashmere catches that possibility once again, giving a new opportunity to sweaters and waste in excess from the 80s. Real works of art to be restored.

In the design of Federica Frumento, cashmere is told in all its nobility and royalty; with an authoritative and unquestionable experience in the field, of over 30 years, the founder of the brand has managed to create a harmonious aesthetic, made of elegance and comfort, tradition and contemporaneity.

The materials with her finally see the daylight, they travel and enjoy the kindness they deserve. Like the yellowed pages of a book that still squeal stories of a past life, that is how garments of big fashion houses live a new life thanks to the stylistic stamp of the maison.

The inspiration is is exactly him, the yarn, and the perpetual research for quality, that quality that echoed lively in bygone eras. Observation and creativity make an inedited supportive upcycling sprout bearing the name of Imago Cashmere.

Warehouse funds and vintage clothing dealers assist the designer in the selection, creating a collective and winning vision. Imago carves out its own space in the fashion industry, but it doesn’t do it with fuss, instead it does it whispering beauty, it does not want to distort the products that it reworks, but actually remain faithful to their shapes and their nature.

That of upcycling is a new dialogue for the designer who, however, like a dejavù, retraces experiments that she herself had ventured years ago, when it all started: English sweaters and dying shades in her hand.

Weaves and warps are today painted in the laboratory in full respect of the original texture and coloring. Unique tailoring masterpieces, coherent with the past but ready to answer to a modern taste.

A polite and gallant approach to yarn in order to satisfy niches, lovers of refinement. Federica surrounds herself with professionals and with them she inebriates the fabrics with fresh air. Whether it is art or literature, every Imago Cashmere creation speaks of a hint of wonder, which goes beyond borders and dresses men and women in a timeless class.

Imago Cashmere photographs a wearable and essential, functional and graceful attractiveness that makes cashmere desirable again, preserving all its attributes: its ability to hold heat while remaining breathable, its way of not remaining heavy on the body and so much more.

A genderless that aspires to beauty, to luxury as pleasure, the luxury of pleasing yourself. Discover the exclusive models by Imago Cashmere.

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