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International Lab of Mittelmoda has proclaimed its winners. As a matter of fact Monday, September 16th at 6 pm the curtain rose in Milan during Micam, the primary international exhibition in the domain of footwear, and just like that, it was celebrated the awarding of the new leading faces of this competition which boasts its 26th edition.

International Lab of Mittelmoda is an indissoluble and influential competition created in 1993, embracing talents formed by more than 600 institutions and coming from a multitude of nations,incorporating fashion design students as well as emerging professionals.

Creativity and originality were the key words to ensure access to the contest, which allowed the newborn fashion realities to build bridges with the professional figures of the fashion system and take their first steps within an international market. As much as the candidates did, even the organization has been challenging its self this year, joining the traditional partnership with Fondazione Industrie Cotone e Lino and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, to the collaboration stipulated with Confindustria Moda. All aimed at bringing the unexplored excellences of the Made in Italy under the magnifying glass.

An intense evening shrouded in the charm of the garments and accessories that walked the catwalk under the keen eye of the judges, which led to the awarding of the much sought-after prizes among the most deserving designers.

The prime awards of the competition, such as the Absolute Awards including the Creativity one and the Innovation one, the Lectra Sèecial Award – the main sponsor of the event- and the Dondup Sustainability Special Award, were won respectively by such as the Absolute Awards, one for Creativity and one for Innovation, the Lectra Special Award – the main sponsor Thomoulla Chrysostomou (Cyprus, NABA Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti), Kuan Wang (China, ESMOD Paris), Alessandra Tacla (Brazil, Istituto Marangoni London), Shirin Araghi (Germany, AMD Academy of Fashion and Design).

Then they gone on in the award ceremony with the new entries among the award categories, the Special Awards, seeing Szymon Mrozek (Poland, School of Form) snatch the title of “Menwear-Womenswear Award” guaranteed by Sistema Moda Italia, Sofia Scarponi (Italy, Accademia di Costume e di Moda) to triumph with the “Bags & Shoes Award” offered by Micam.

The “Textile & Materials Award” was won by Maitena Vega (Spain, LCI Felicidad Duce) offered by MilanoUnica; Lucia Beatriz Marti (Puerto Rico, SCAD Savannah College of Art and Design) was instead recognized with the “Accessories Award” offered by Mido. Also new the “TheOneSeasonless Award” offered by TheOneMilano that Camilla Carrara was awarded with (Italy, ESMOD Berlin) and the “Andreas Schmeidler Young Creative Leader of Tomorrow Award” given by “Andreas Schmeidler” Association and Fashion Magazine assigned to Federica Meyer Zu Schwabedissen. Thomoulla Chrysostomou has again stepped on the stage and won the “Knitwear Award” offered by Benetton Group also.

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