Interview with Annie | a brand of shoes that’s in step with the times!

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Annie: design, style, artisan. Annie, the young made in Italy brand founded by Annie Gestroemi. Born in Fermo in the Marche region, a ground virtuous for made in Italy footwear, this young and enterprising designer first started out as an Architect, then specialised with a Masters in Luxury Accessories Design and Management from the Marangoni Institute of Milan. Her know-how translates into shoes made up of geometric lines and volumes, graphic cuts and heels that create a different balance every time. Like an Architect of footwear, Annie projects and constructs modern creations with futuristic traits, icons of a period that’s under continuous development and mutation. A new label that doesn’t leave doubts about innovation or quality. A special mix that “shoes” savoir-faire perfectly, the manufacture but also style and its trends. We had the pleasure of interviewing the founder and designer of the project. Discover a little of what she told us….

Hi Annie, here we are. Your brand has a strong and recognisable identity. What is the philosophy behind your label? “Mmm…definitely curiosity! I love all that is Art, culture, Architecture and I love to transmit these in my projects and objects. To express them through my shoes.”

For many designers the connection with one’s home ground is fundamental, an integral part of the production and creation processes: how you do interpret this in your shoes? “Well for me it is absolutely fundamental. The entire productive process is executed in the Marche, my home ground that is renowned for footwear, handcraft and the typical Italian savoir-faire.”

Every project has increasingly more phases: what’s the creative process behind your creations? I do a lot of research, of styles, of colours…I love to travel in search of new inspirations, to have different stimuli to those that the market offers.”

What relationship do you have with colours, how do you choose them and combine them with the shapes in your footwear? “I need to be struck, by the moment and by the situation. Colour is instinct, it’s sensation…”

And regarding the future? Do you have projects in the works? “I always have projects. I’d like to develop the brand, expand it, make it grow but always maintaining my feet grounded and staying focused on my objectives. Hard work pays off!”

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