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Studio Barattolo is a truly original brand, right from its very name. Giorgia Di Simone, the designer and founder of the brand, recounts memories of her travels, experiences and lived moments through her unique jewellery pieces. Each item comes enclosed in a personalised transparent glass jar, which is 100% recyclable. Born in Teramo in 1986, Giorgia Di Simone obtained a degree in Engineering, during her studies for which she also cultivated her passion for jewellery design, and this passion became her job shortly thereafter. In Rome she then went on to train as a goldsmith at the Salvatore Gerardi Academy of Jewellery Arts, and studied jewellery design at the Italian Academy. Some of her rich experiences include working as a jewellery crafter in the world of cinema, collaborating as a jewellery illustrator with a renowned high-class jewellery brand, and participating in contests and industry events including the Portfolio Review di Vogue Italia, Altaroma in Town, Showcase …Many grand and important platforms have seen and been inspired by Giorgia’s talent. We have met with Giorgia herself, and here is what she told us in a short interview.

Hi Giorgia, very pleased to meet you. Do you want to tell us more about your brand and its story? “Certainly. I’ve been creating jewellery for several years, having started out in a way that many people do – as a hobby and passion. This passion I pursued and nurtured, transforming it into a proper job. After having collaborated with different brands and businesses, I felt the necessity to have my own, and thence Studio Barattolo was officially established on June 1st, 2017. It is a young brand that associates its name with its container rather than the contents, which in contrast are left free to express themselves. The theme of the glass jar follows through to the external packaging which is also recyclable and customisable. Each item of jewellery is the result of an internal search in myself; it’s something from inside that I want to communicate to the observer. I tend to use the typical jewellers’ technique, choosing bronze as the metal, and making precious stones the centrepieces of my creations.”

What is the theme, the concept around which your latest collection is centred? The concept of the collections is definitely Love, something that is thought to be a free choice but that also brings confusion, like the possibility of choosing between one path or another.

And how is Love represented through your jewellery? “The symbol of three masks represents a devious behaviour from which derive different interpretations, events and connections. Elements that divide, then reconnect, then get linked together with chains… The earrings for example are sold singly or in threes: those who choose the set of three will always have the sensation of having to choose which two to wear; but on the other hand all of this suggests complete freedom, where one can combine the items from the collection in any way they please ”.

And Studio Barattolo also designs and creates custom jewellery for those who want still more exclusive pieces. True novelty.

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