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alessandro de benedetti

His creations take us far away with the mind and eyes … make us dream. A femininity that moves between couture and modernity, a femininity that manages to tell and dress the woman of today. In many and many different aspects. In a special interview Alessandro De Benedetti tells us something more about his fashion and his brand…

Create, a great word. Complex. Everything is in it, sometimes too much. How would you define creativity?

“Instinctive as well as unconscious, usually suggested by my visual, sonic, cultural passions … while I create or draw there is always an aesthetic connection to my icons, my myths, the memories of the stories and images of arthouse films, cultmovie I’ve always been attached to.”

When did you understand that fashion was your world? That the profession of stylist belonged to you?

“As a teenager I was a fan of illustration and noir comics and I believed that was my way; then I discovered the French couture of Jean-Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mugler (with whom I had the honor of working together in Paris). They were visionary designers who created collections of stories and characters with emblematic and symbolic clothes: a perfect mix between story and fashion.”

In your opinion, can you escape from fashion, or in general from something when you love that something so much?

“Never. For me, fashion is salvation, joy, liberation!”

In your creations you can see, almost touch something dreamlike. Where do you find your inspirations?

“From the dreams themselves. During the creative process of a collection I love to relate the films of my favorite directors, from Yodorowsky to David Lynch, from Polansky to Bunuel… I search in the books of art and costume, different inspirations and I listen to a lot of retro-wave and dream-pop music but it is at night that shapes and colors often appear vivid in my dreams, as if it were a process of the unconscious: I redesign and annotate them, reworking everything in the light of day with rationality and realism. The Charlks Ballerinas collection was born just like this: plaster ballerinas dance in a garden of pink petals while colorful hummingbirds vibrate in the rarefied air.”

Who are your muses?

“The dark ladies of the 30s and 40s, from Louise Brooks to Joan Crawford, the English singer Siouxsie Sioux, the actresses of the films of Jean Rollin and of the Italian thrillers of the 70s.”

And who instead the women who choose your clothes?

“Usually all those who want to feel special for themselves, women who appreciate the quality of design, fabrics and sartorial details.”

Three ingredients that never fail in your collections?

“Certainly all shades of pink, the intersections of drapes tied in macro or micro bows and the mix of different printed patterns in the same look.”

The phase you love most and the one you love least about your job?

“The phase I love most is the one that represents the moment of the creation of a collection, of which I draw and those meticulously hand-drawn figures, imagining and telling a screenplay, as if it were a cinema wardrobe; each look has a name that defines its action and sensitivity. The one I love least … I hate the moment of waiting: waiting for the arrival of fabric samples or color proofs, prints … reality is always different from the imagination.”

What does it mean to have a made in Italy brand today?

It means offering yourself to the world with the knowledge of a unique craftsmanship, using only local materials, tailoring your product while maintaining the highest level of quality, creating unique and special pieces that will last over time and remain in the closet for a long time, capable of tell a story without being influenced by mass trends.”

A message for our readers?

“Always choose garments with awareness, attentive to their quality, to the value of the dress itself, of the creative concept, always remaining faithful to your identity.”

Thanks to Alessandro De Benedetti for being with us in this exclusive interview.

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