Interview with Antonella Morgillo | a brand to keep on your head!

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Antonella Morgillo, the founder and designer of this homogenous brand, tells us everything in an exclusive interview. Embroidered entirely by hand, Antonella Morgillo hats are created for modern women who wish to express their beauty and strong personality in a free and original way. Unique accessories that you won’t leave behind or take off ever again!

Antonella, would you like to tell us when is was that you began your journey in fashion? Why did you choose the hat? “My journey began many years ago: after attending the San Leucio Institute of Art, I decided to transfer to Milan to study fashion at the NABA (Nuova Academia di Belle Arti); I specialised in accessories and after collaborating with various important names I decided to launch my own brand. Why the hat? Because I’ve always loved it! Apart from the passion, which brought me to collect plenty of them over time, when I decided to create my label I chose the hat because I see it as the accessory of excellence, that’s at the apex of the female figure.”

What distinguishes your creations? What’s their distinctive sign? “The embroidery, for sure! Antonella Morgillo hats are embroidered completely by hand: classic, iconic shapes that are derived from both masculine and feminine identities, get embellished with stones, decor and of course, lots of embroidery. Every season brings novelty, changing topic and image.”

Your hats’ creative and productive processes are really long and all done by hand. Where are they made? “My creations are all made in Italy. I create the prototype in my studio, then the hats get made in the Marche while the embroidery is done in Puglia, where there is a big embroidery district”.

What message do you wish to communicate, to leave through your brand? “Well, that one can be creative even with a single object: putting it on, you communicate something, expressing your own personality. In the end it’s that right accessory that makes and determines your look!”

Do you have any future projects? “I’d like to start collaborations with important brands, and seeing that at the moment my hats are only made for women, I’d like to open my brand to the masculine world too.”  Discover here the hats by Antonella Morgillo…

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