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In a question and answer, the founder-designer couple Pina Pirozzi and Enzo Della Valle reveal to us the story (including some behind-the-scenes) of their innovative brand Apnoea in an exclusive interview. An all Italian womenswear and accessories label: a creative project strong in its being and doing; fashion that observes and goes beyond the trends with a multidisciplinary and innovative approach. Apnoea is avant-garde, it’s experimentation. It’s the right answer for those in search of an exclusive style, who are’t scared to be daring. It’s an emerging brand that you can’t not…know!

Every important journey has its beginning: when did Apnoea start? “Apnoea made its debut in 2017, when we presented our first capsule at White di Milano in FW 2017-18.”

The Apnoea woman “dresses herself in different cloths”, she distinguishes herself with an unconventional style…“Yes, the Apnoea woman is definitely a woman that likes to have a particular appearance, she’s sensual but in a different way. She’s aware of culture, Art, and is generally open and curious; she loves to dress in refined and innovative shapes that attract attention, not to her body but towards what she is wearing, because that’s a means of expressing herself.”

You do so much research: what is the material that never gets missed out from your collections? “There are two spirits that cohabit our collections, one natural like cotton and the other more technical with coatings, PVC, polyurethane…transparency, making visible whatever is underneath, all typical of Apnoea and its concept. Everything marries together in a balance of new visions and perceptions.”.

How is it to work as a couple? For two creative minds to work together? “Great, really great! We have fun, we confront each other and yes, we do argue sometimes but never regarding the creative side, which is where we surprisingly agree and are always in symphony with one another, even regarding the wildest ideas. We compensate, we balance ourselves: one side more meticulous, the other more instinctive.”

Do you remember your first creation? “Of course, they were the PVC garments made for the FW 2017-18. A real and true challenge: we were among the first designers to introduce this material that got criticised a lot at the start, they told us it was unsellable; but actually later on…now we see it everywhere, dispersed into many different collections of clothing and otherwise. Our first pieces in fact got super photographed, it was a truly new thing.”

Would you like to share an anecdote with us? “Hmm…it’s an emotion more than an anecdote, the one we felt during our first exposition at Altaroma, when we presented the SS18 preview with the project Artisanal Intelligent. There we got an important and enthusiastic response from experts, the media and people who were effectively part of the Fashion world.” Discover exclusive Apnoea creations here!

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